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Scary Video Clips!

Real Ghost Encountered Video Clip!

Scary Stories

Scary stories added! 

If you have scary story want to share  please submit it on the form. Please also check spellings before submitting. Thanks!

Your Friend

by Josie, B.C

Civil War Ghosts

by Tiffany

Singapore Ghost Story

by Po Seren

Pollard Hotel

by Stephanie Lang

Hell's Angel

by Agatha

My Fear!!

by Ashley Lemoncelli

Grandma's House

by Jessica

Killing Ghost

by Misty


Real Ghost FIgure Captured In A Hospital

Old Pet Shop

by Mathew Uribe

The dead girl walks

by Kendra

The knock

by Sally


by Jhem

The Sleepover

by Kayla

State Trooper

I heard evil spirit would stay the place where he/she died.

State Trooper

Unknown title

I say this is a humor story not a scary story.

Dont Look Back

A Ghost Image

It's a good thing that you dont have the scary feelings when you saw a ghost.

No Title

Umm.. ok I'll try to save you out.

Freaky Trail Ride

That was a freaky ride. The horse must be hallucinating into something freaky.

The Gallows

Could be her father calling her. :)

New Scary Pics Added.

Scary Ghost Pop Up.

Decade of Destuction

Nice ghost story.

Camping Horror?

I think your dog was been eaten by crocodile or something. I feel sorry for your dog. R.I.P

Taken By Evil

RailRoad Crossings


Thanks Nicola Cairns. Your story was creepy enough, make me feel eerie when driving at night.


I feel this story is kind of funny and stupid, it's not scary though but it's worth a time to read it.


Scary Face

New Scary Pictures Added!

Thanks Ottavio Fazzini For Those Scary PICS!


This is what you normally hear at night.

Pop up Windows Error

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What's Wrong?

There's a small human figure in this flash. Can you find it?

Say it

Sing Along To The Lyric.

The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits

Some 400 alphabetically arranged entries, varying in length from a couple of paragraphs to several pages, with references and cross- references, describe a wide range of beliefs, folklore, and strange phenomena. Credibly written--avoiding sensationalism, yet sustaining the fun. Includes an index. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland.

Haunted Places: The National Directory: Ghostly Abodes, Sacred Sites, Ufo Landings, and Other Supernatural Locations

From Maine to Hawaii, this fascinating book leads readers to more than 2,000 haunted places, many of them open to the public, in all 50 states. Listed alphabetically by state, city, and then location, each entry contains a synopsis, an address, a telephone number, and travel directions. Readers will shiver when they learn that no matter where they are, there is a haunted place nearby. Photos.

I Never Believed In Ghosts Until . . .

Good ghost stories can make your hair stand on end, but there's nothing scarier than a true ghost story. Last Halloween USA Weekend asked readers to share their most mysterious encounters. This spellbinding collection presents the 100 best entries and includes tales of haunted houses, possessed objects, ghosts, unseen spirits, and more.
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